Our goal is to inspire high school students to increase their interest in the careers of science and technology.

Our mission is to promote STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in developing countries through the implementation of makerspaces and social innovation programs in schools.

We empower today’s youth so they can generate a positive impact in their communities by developing technology solutions.

“For us, STEM education has to go hand in hand with social innovation. With all the pressing challenges our world faces currently, it is not enough just to teach tech skills. We need more engineers, makers and scientists who are committed to make a social impact with their careers”.

Giuliana Huerta – Mercado

We are a group of university students who believe that progress in developing countries is based on the quality of education. Hands-on learning of digital and soft skills allow students to become change agents at a young age.

Giuliana Huerta-Mercado
President and Co-founder
Economics at University of Michigan

Eduardo Huerta-Mercado
Vice-President and Co-founder Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at University of California Berkeley

Our programs consist of hands-on STEM workshops in which students apply the acquired knowledge through the use of different technologies.
Our learning method is based on projects that use the “Engineering Design Process” and “Design Thinking” methodologies to build technological solutions to real problems.
The selected technologies include 3D printing and product design (CAD), electronics with Arduino microcontrollers and introduction to programming.

An extracurricular program where students learn how to be “makers”, fostering creativity, innovation, and critical thinking. The content of the program is designed to be deployed during three consecutive years.

At the end of each years’ program, students have to build and present a social innovation project to develop a technology-based solution to a real problem in their communities.

Stem Labs


Three-week STEM Summer Camp delivered in January in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), #1 science and engineering university in the world. The program is tailored for students between 13 and 16 years old. Students are awarded a certificate of participation.

Educational and cultural trip to the innovation and technology hub at Silicon Valley, California. It includes conferences, workshops, and visits to the laboratories of two of the best science and engineering universities in the world: University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University as well as Silicon Valley´s selected Tech companies and cultural attractions in the San Francisco Bay Area. The trip is tailored for 13 to 16-year-olds who have participated in UTK’s STEM Lab Program and/or Summer UTKamps.

Silicon Valley



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Prizes: OptiMize Social Innovation Challenge 2017 – HP “40 Days of Doing Good” Campaign